I went to my Mom’s house this past weekend to pick up a few items and I decided to go into the downstairs closet to take a look. It’s always overflowing with tons of clothes. Most of the clothes are from when my Sis and I were growing up and a lot of throwback stuff that we always have a hard time getting rid of. We’re not hoarders…it’s just things resurface and I hate to get rid of stuff!

 I was just grabbing some winter coats and stumbled across a lot of my Mom’s old sweaters! I’m talking about sweaters from the 80’s! I am an 80’s Baby so I was too excited and even had a super nostalgia moment! Here are some of the items I found!

Okay…this sweater…I TOTALLY remember! It’s so 1980’s vintage, but what makes this sweater super fun is the fact that those triangles are leather!  Yesss!!! What I also love about this sweater is the fact my Dad gave it to my Mom!

How cute is the vest!? And it’s genuine leather! If it wasn’t I still would have rocked it!


Look at this fun print! I absolutely LOVE the colors! It’s a beautiful cami that my Mom use to wear under her blazers!


I paired the vest with the cami and the colors went perfectly! I’m sure I have plenty to go with them both!

 meaI found this over-sized (boyfriend style) sweater and it’s super comfie!!! It’s so cute, because it has multi-color shimmeries throughout the sweater. Yes, I made “shimmeries” up! The buttons are pretty too!


Sneak Peek!

 I can’t describe how excited I was when I found this vintage, after 5 top in my my Mom’s closet! I instantly thought of NYE when I saw it! This is one of many finds that I have in mind to wear to bring in the new year! Stay tuned on how I decide to rock it!

I totally think a thrift store haul is long overdue! I’ll keep you posted on my findings!

Until next time,


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