I don’t know about you, but I stopped the whole new year’s resolution thing a few years ago. Resolutions always get broken, which is why I won’t be making any. Not saying you will–but yeah, I did…every year I made them and that’s okay! It let’s me know that it’s okay to not stick exactly to the plan. The most important thing is to get back on track and let your accomplishments speak for themselves. You know the song lyrics, “Don’t believe me, just watch.” In 2014, I am looking forward to working on and improving things that I have already started. For me, that’s attainable. A few things came to mind:

  • Health is wealth, but don’t sweat the small stuff. At the beginning of every new year we all say that we are going to do better and that includes clean eating, detoxing, flushing the potty mouth, being more active, working out, etc. The gyms will be flooded with new members and you’ll have to shoot a kag under somebody just to get to a treadmill or Arc Trainer. That’s gravy and all, but from my experience, having a goal in mind and taking it one day at a time is the best way to reach it. And forgive yourself if you eat a Slutty Brownie! (*waves hand* Preaching to myself) The end result is all that matters!
  • Blogging. I admit, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of life and lose focus. Sometimes I hit a wall and I’m trying to stay within a certain space that I’m not limited to. I shared here that I wanted to Blog What I Live. Yes, I love to run, cook, share new recipes and just about anything health/fitness related–but there’s so much more than that. That’s what makes this journey so gratifying. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I’m all over the place. And yes, I do indulge in reality TV–Guilty as charged! But seriously, I plan to blog more and read more blogs.
  • I’m going back go Cali! After my Sister recently visited it reminded us both how important the bond between Sisters are…”We All We Got!” I’m looking forward to seeing my family and getting kissed by the California sun in 2014! I see some West Coast races on the horizon and how exciting it will be for my Sissy to run them with me.

living quote

  • En”JOY’ Living. Life is too short not to enjoy it. There will be ups and downs, even some bumps along the way–but finding and experiencing JOY is so important. Pastor Chris Hodges shared a message on “Joy” where he stated, “Joy isn’t determined by what happens to you, but what’s going on IN you.” It’s not about your circumstances, but the condition of your heart. Talk about a #heartcheck–something we all need from time to time to live a purpose filled life.
  • Keep Pushing with Passion. iRun for many reasons. One is that I hope to inspire someone along this journey the way I’ve been inspired. I don’t run to qualify for the Olympics (although, Boston is on my bucket list)–but where I am in life right now, I run for me! Running is challenging (in a good way) and my mind, body, and soul loves me for it. I enjoy it–even in my love/hate moments. Training is so important when there are upcoming races. On the flip side, when fatigue of the mind and body overwhelms PASSION–you will experience burnout. I have to always remember why I run and allow that same passion to drive me back out there each day. I also hope that I can pass this awesome gift on to my children. Run to Inspire.
  • Never settle. “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.”



  • Family. Sometimes life has a way of bringing you to a halt to focus on what is important.
  • Travel. A trip to Europe sounds amazing! But hey…even if it’s riding the Megabus to San Antonio, train ride to Nawlins (New Orleans), or a flight to NYC, I’ll take it!
  • Forgive.
  • …and the greatest of these is LOVE.


Make 2014 AMAZING!

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4 comments on “Resolutions Redefined – Don’t Believe Me, Just Watch”

  1. Artney this blog was on point diva. I got a little emotional reading it this was about you, but you were also talking to me in it. Well said and well done my BGR sistah.

    • You’re so sweet! Thank you so much, Leticia! It’s good to put things in perspective from time to time. And I’m very proud of you and your journey–Very inspiring! Glad to know you my BGR Sista!

  2. Good stuff! I don’t think I’ve ever made any resolutions. At least at the start of the year. I believe 2014 is about to be a perfect year. It has to be! All of the numbers when added up equals the number 7! (Hehe. Lame, I know.)

    Happy New Year, Art!

    • Thank you, Kirsten! And you better speak that thing into existence. And no you are not lame at all. Seven is the number of completion so I’m very excited to see what God is about to do! Expect great things and Happy New Year, K! :)

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