It’s OFFICIAL! I completed my third and fourth half marathon 8 days apart. The day after I completed the Princess Half Marathon, while waiting on our flight to depart the Magical World of Disney, I finally did it–I sent in my application to Half Fanatics. In less than 24 hours, I received my email welcoming me into the Fanatic Asylum! I was (and still am) beyond stoked! The Disney Princess Half has a very special place in my heart and it also qualified me into Half Fanatics! Awww! :)

Half Fanatics | My Pretty Brown Fit For those who don’t know–Half Fanatics is a group of “half” crazy, insane, fanatic runners who can’t get enough of half marathons. I’m talking about running a half marathon for a training run, running 13.1 for fun, planning a family vacation around a race, or signing up for another race after you just said you were going to take a sabbatical. Yeah, that’s pretty fanatic if you ask me and those are just a few things. Most importantly, we just LOVE running and the challenge! I first heard about Half Fanatics over the summer, then I started seeing them everywhere! I decided to visit the site to find out more and after meeting some pretty rad Fanatics, my decision was made.

Half Fanatics | My Pretty Brown Fit

The running community is simply amazing–but what makes it even more awesome is looking along the course and seeing a part of you there. Joining Half Fanatic runners from all over the world, sharing a common goal (which is to FINISH), celebrate accomplishments, having them cheer you on and share encouragement is far beyond rewarding. I’m glad my time has come and I’m excited about meeting and sharing my journey with an amazing group! I’m still on a euphoric high from runDisney, but I look forward to taking time to rest my body, work on a few projects, goals, and some other great things. There are some exciting races on the horizon, so until next time…

The sky is no longer the limit, the planets are! As I reach for the stars–one thing remains, I will always be a Half Fanatic! Are you a Fanatic?

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