Well, I made it to the homestretch! Just a few months ago, I was thinking of all the ways I could get out of my plateau. I can’t even remember how I came across Dr. Ian Smith’s book, Super Shred Diet, but I’m so glad I did! I followed Dr. Ian’s book, The Fat Smash Diet, many moons ago, so I knew his plans worked.

Fast-forward 4 Weeks…

Super Shred Diet Week 4 is complete! I seriously can’t believe I did it! What an amazing, eye-opening four-week journey! Super Shred truly takes a lot of guts, dedication, and heart! Abandoning certain foods and drinks cold-turkey is not easy, but it’s totally doable! It’s only 28 days! Week 4 is called “Tenacious”. I had to hold firm, remain anchored (in the good Lord), and BELIEVE that I can carry out healthy habits that can and will continue to push me closer to my goals. 

This week was a lot easier than Week 3. The hardest part was having only one snack the whole day. However, I was consistently eating throughout the day with my meals surrounding “The Snack”. I ate more food this week, but still maintained the Super Shred way of eating. I was just super happy that Super Shredder Day did NOT fall on a Friday like it did in Week 1! It really wasn’t that bad, but if I were to ever do it again, I sure hope SSD is not on a Fight Night!


Recent Discovery

I shared in my last post, a few of favorite foods and finds along with the fact that you really can eat on Super Shred. So, I was on the hunt for Bell Plantation’s Chocolate PB2, which is a peanut butter powder that goes well in smoothies. This one particular day, every store that I went to was literally sold out or they didn’t carry it. Yes, I could have purchased it on Amazon, but I wanted it right then. I searched several stores and decided to try my local, healthy supermarket only to find out they have a similar brand called Just Great Stuff! Well, I must say…this stuff is great! I added into my protein shake on SSD and it was delicious.

Super Shred Diet Week 4 + Results - My Pretty Brown Blog

NEW favorite Snack!

On Super Shred, you usually have at least one 150-calorie snack per day (along with 100 calorie snacks). Sushi is something I never thought to include as a snack. This plan truly opened my eyes to so many ideas when it comes to food and smart snacking! I chose brown rice-California rolls from the PUB for one of my go-to snacks!



Another favorite is my veggie (+ rice) plate on Super SHRED. Since I’ve fallen in love with Brussels sprouts (one of my favorite recipes here), I found a way to liven them up. I tried adding a little sweet and sour sauce (while being mindful of the sugar per serving) along with liquid aminos. They were perfectly sweet and seasoned well while staying under 480 mg (sodium) or less per serving! Learned that tip from Super Shred too! I love how aware this book has truly made me when it comes to food.

Super Shred Diet Week 4 + Results - My Pretty Brown Blog
Brown rice with low-sodium collards, roasted green bell peppers and Brussels sprouts!



Last Day on Super Shred — Week 4, Day 7

On Sunday, the last day of Super Shred, I got a little too excited! I thought it was a rest day, but something told me to glance back over my book just to make sure. Boy, was I wrong—Womp! I had already made up in my mind that after church service I wasn’t doing anything. Since my mind was set on it being a rest day, going to the gym was out! I decided to pull out my Zumba Cardio Party DVD for the second time since purchasing (I usually do the 20-minute workout express), and I truly had a great workout! I wanted to put my Fitbit Charge HR to the test with the Zumba workout DVD to see how many calories I could burn. The exercise requirement for this day was 40 minutes of cardio. Zumba was 46 minutes, but I did cool down before stopping my Fitbit. I’m happy that I didn’t sit this one out, because I felt so much better once it was done!


Super Shred Diet Week 4 + Results - My Pretty Brown Blog



I’m beyond excited about my results! I broke them down by the weeks:

Super Shred Diet Week 4 + Results - My Pretty Brown Blog

Thank you to everyone who followed me, sent well wishes, and encouragement on my Super Shred journey! I have never shared “this much” about such a sensitive subject with the masses, but I hope that I have inspired someone along this journey. During these four weeks, I discovered so much about myself and learned so much about meal spacing, calorie disruption, nutrient-dense foods…just to name a few. I know now that I can accomplish ANYTHING if I want I want it bad enough and I can do ANYTHING for 24 hours, 7 days…or even four weeks! I did it! So long…Plateau! I encourage anyone in a plateau or desiring to lose weight to give the Super Shred Diet a try. It’s only four weeks. You can purchase the book here or see if the Shred (Revolutionary) Diet is a better fit for you. It’s a 6-week program great for those wanting to lose weight or maintain. If I can do it, YOU can do it too! Never give up!

What is life going to be like after SUPER SHRED? I was actually thinking about that and how much I’m kinda going to miss it! I am excited about the journey ahead. So…stay tuned!


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35 comments on “Super Shred Diet Week 4: The Homestretch and Results”

  1. Awesome work!! So proud of you!! Because of your post, I passed the info on to my girlfriend and she is on week 3. Your posts have been very helpful and informative for her.

    What are your plans for after? Will you do the shred?

    Congrats again and good luck on the journey!

    • Thank you, Tamieka! I appreciate you passing my info/post along! And yes, I will be starting SHRED soon! I might as well keep it going. I’m excited because it’s totally doable! I just need to start back my “for real” meal prepping to help me. It’s a great easy plan to follow! Thank you for your support and encouragement! Tell your friend I wish her the best! Please let me know how she does! :)

    • Molly, it really wasn’t that tough, I was just being “extra”! Haha! It’s totally doable and it’s only 28 days! Let me know if you decide to try it. Thank you!

    • Woo-hoo! I’m so happy I completed it. It had its moments lol, but nothing I couldn’t overcome! Thank you for your support/encouragement, girl!

    • Thank you, Deborah!!! Dr. Ian encourages those who come off of Super Shred to transition into the regular Shred. He doesn’t think it’s as effective to do the SS cycles back to back (i.e., you need to have a break in between). SHRED is a lot easier than Super, so I’m definitely considering it. I appreciate the kind words!

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