This year was definitely an adventure, but a great one! I overcame my fears and I stopped doubting myself in so many areas of my life. I also told my comfort zone to kick rocks.

I tried to sum up my highlights, but there were so many things I wanted to include. Basically, here are my highlights in photos:

I had many “firsts” this year: my first blogging conference, my first photography class, and it was my first time really networking with other bloggers in my community (The Janes of See Jane Write and Birmingham Bloggers). I love my tribe! 

My faith is a big part of my fitness journey. I’m grateful to be part of a life-giving church who loves ALL people and believes in giving back! I started serving on our Dream Team this year and it has been such a fun and rewarding experience! One of my highlights was serving at our student conference and getting to see Hillsong United Live!

I also decided to be more transparent about my weight loss journey. I shared about my Plateau Chronicles (4-week journey on the Super Shred Diet), which sparked something in me. Going forward I want to share more about me and my highs and lows on this healthy lifestyle journey. I know there are so many people (especially women) who are on this journey with me. Many are looking for encouragement, or a voice to represent what they are going through. After receiving so many responses about my Shred journey, I knew it was only right. Trust me, we are in this together! You can check out my six recaps of all four weeks here.

If you have been following my blog then you know that I love sharing about food and I love cooking! Anything that I posted on here, I really do love! You can always find recipes under the “Recipes” tab on the menu bar. It’s hard to pick one to highlight, so I randomly selected a few:

Pumpkin Patch Cheese PieBerry Cheesecake TrifleSuper Stuffed Veggie Tacos


After the Princess Half Marathon in 2014, I decided I wanted to run a marathon. I started training and completed the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 11, 2015! My HB also completed his first Run Disney half marathon. Y’all know how I feel about Disney! This was such an incredible weekend and it was the beginning of beautiful friendships. Did I mention I met Bart Yasso in real life? Everyone knows how much I love Bart!  And it’s always a joy to see Jeff Galloway during Run Disney weekends. It’s because of his running method that I am a distance runner today! You can also check out all of my Jeff Galloway Training and Motivation Tips here. I am forever grateful to Run Disney for connecting me with so many amazing people, bloggers, and friends who are passionate about running, Disney, healthy living, and forever friendships!

In February, I celebrated my 4-year runniversary with the Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon! I love this race so much and not just because it’s held in my city (Birmingham). It’s truly one of my favorite race weekends to date. I went on to complete half marathon number #8 (Bridge Street Town Centre Half Marathon) and I also completed my first race challenge (The Kentucky Half Classic) with half marathon #9 (America’s Prettiest Half Marathon Run the Bluegrass) and #10 ( Kentucky Derby miniMarathon)

I had the awesome opportunity to run for charity (Team Fisher House for Fisher House Foundation) in the 40th Marine Corps Marathon in October. I was also a top fundraiser! THANK YOU to everyone who donated to my campaign! You are the real MVPs! During this marathon I faced my fears and showed them that God was Bigger! Of course I wrote a post all about it!

In September, I traveled to California for the Disneyland Half Marathon 10th Anniversary Weekend and to visit my family! Why not run a couple of races while I’m there! I completed my first Run Disney challenge (Dumbo Double Dare) which included half marathon #11 and my very first Run Disney 10K! (I know, I know…recaps are coming in 2016!) This was such an amazing weekend filled with fun times and memories made with forever friends. I also attended my first Run Disney meet-up! Run Disney knows how to bring us together!


Thanks to The Marathon That Didn’t Happen, I was able to complete half marathon #12 and my sixth half marathon of 2015 to meet my goal. I also qualified for Marathon Maniacs and became a Double Agent by completing two full marathons (Magnolia Marathon and Eau Palm Beach Marathon) in 15 days. I’m Fanatical and Maniacal!

Qualified for Marathon Maniacs

I ended the year by completing all of my running goals: first marathon, Beat the Bridge, earned my Run Disney Coast to Coast bling, knocked out six half marathons, qualified for Marathon Maniacs (Double Agent Status). So let’s see…

That’s 4 x full marathons…6 x half marathons…1 x 10K…and 1 x 5K! All I can say is…it’s a blessing to do what I do!

2015 Medal Monday - The Finale


Let’s make 2016 AMAZING! Have a wonderful New Year!

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  1. You had an incredible year, Artney. I too attribute my long distance running success to Galloway’s method. If it weren’t for the idea of run-walk, I’m not sure I’d have accomplished all that I have when it comes to my running.

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