Weight Watchers Magazine Feature - My Pretty Brown Fit

I seriously can’t even! I can’t believe this is real!!! I am featured in the May/June issue of Weight Watchers magazine! It was so hard to keep this a secret, but it was so worth the wait! After completing four full marathons and six half marathons last year, I’m so grateful to be part of the “I Love What My Body Can Do!” feature. It is an honor to share my story in hopes of inspiring others on their healthy lifestyle journey.

I found out about being featured back in January. I was in shock. No really…I didn’t believe it. Not in a bad way, more so like…really God? Me…share my journey with the world?

When I Knew It Was Real

I was contacted about setting up a photo shoot. I was so nervous. I know some of you are like… “Really, Artney? Nervous?”  No, really…I was. At that moment…it was becoming real: hair, make-up, location…the works! I felt like I was Oprah!  My team: Cary Norton, Kerri Bunn, and CW made the shoot so much fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better team to make me feel pretty, capture my accomplishments through photos, and celebrate this moment.

The Day My Unspoken Dream Came True

I was attending the opening of a new farmers market in the area when I was tagged in a post from another blogger saying that she saw me in the latest issue of the Weight Watchers magazine (Thank you, Susie)! Whaaaaaa? It hadn’t even occurred to me that it was “Hit Newsstands Day”! I immediately let out a big eeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!  All I could say to myself is…I am at the book launch and meet-and-greet of Lisa Lillien aka THE Hungry Girl’s new cookbook (Clean & Hungry) AND getting this amazing news?! APRIL 12, 2016 = BEST DAY EVER!!!

I had no idea what to expect because my copies from Weight Watchers were delayed in the mail. All I knew was that I needed to throw on my cape and find my nearest newsstand. While waiting in line to purchase my copies, I flipped through the pages hurriedly until I found my feature. The guy in line in front of me said, “You must know someone in there!” With tears in my eyes and the cheesiest smile ever, I said… “IT’S MEEEEEE!” I was blessed by a total stranger who wanted to buy my copies as a blessing to me simply because he was excited to be part of the moment. Thank you, Lance!

Weight Watchers Magazine Feature - My Pretty Brown Fit
Weight Watchers Magazine “I Love What My Body Can Do!” feature (Page 63). It’s really meeee!


Weight Watchers Magazine Feature - My Pretty Brown Fit

Weight Watchers Magazine May/June Issue Feature: I Love What My Body Can Do

Weight Watchers Magazine Feature - My Pretty Brown Fit
Squad Goals! Best Photography/Glam Squad EVER!
Weight Watchers Magazine Feature - My Pretty Brown Fit
Me and my Sparkle (Athletic) skirt catching some rays in between shots!

This is an absolute dream come true! And I know without a doubt that this is a God thing! Sometimes we have to take a step back and recognize how strong we really are. It’s not about perfection, but about loving ourselves (and our body) on the way to where we want to be! We are capable of achieving great things…and we have to BELIEVE that!!! I hope that this will inspire you on your journey. Never give up on your dreams!

Thank you so much to Weight Watchers for allowing me to share my journey and thank you to everyone who has supported me. And a big thank you to my family, especially my Mom who kept me encouraged! I declared that 2016 is the year of non-scale victories, and this victory is most definitely worthy of celebrating! Make sure you pick up your copy of the May/June issue on newsstands now! There are also two other phenomenal women featured so check them out, too!

“Let’s live our lives so big that it couldn’t possibly happen unless God shows up. Keep dreaming.” – Chris Hodges


Weight Watchers Feature Photography by the amazing Cary Norton
Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe Styling by the lovely Kerri Bunn

My Pretty Brown Fit

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    • Ahhhh! Thank you so much, Tamieka!!! I’m so excited! And 0f course you can have my autograph! You know I got you girl!!! Lol Thank you again! :D

  1. Congratulations on what you have achieved. Your hard work has been paid off. You’re an inspiration to everyone, continue to be a role model. Wishing you all the best.

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