(1) The beauty that is Orgonite. (2) The Revealing Word: A Dictionary of Metaphysical Terms. (3) My Fitbit Blaze. (4) Bath & Body Works | Love & Sunshine—Obsessed. (5) Greg’s Breakfast Bar in Montgomery. (6) EnerGel Liquid Gel ink pens. (7) Kari Jobe’s new album: The Garden. (8) Zenni Optical. I can’t wait to share with y’all my new specs. (9) My Purpose (Financial) Small Group. (10) Viance Nutrition Brownie Bites. (11) New Orleans. I swear that’s my second home. (12) Joining the gym again. Baby steps. (13) Blue Bell (No sugar added) Country Vanilla ice cream. Don’t sleep on it… it’s LITTY. (14) Staying connected with my community and my tribe. God knows you all have been a blessing to me. (15) Apothic RED. (Dark – 2nd place, and Crush – 3rd place). (16) Wings Heaven (must support the hometown). (17) Crystals. (18) Big Sean’s album: I Decided. (19) Dreaming BIG. God is up to something. (20) Releasing my fears through tears. (21) Seeing my family and knowing every time we get together, we’re going to have lots of fun. (22) The Spirit of my Mother that’s constantly around me. (23) Entering a new season = New beginnings. (24) Perry’s Steakhouse. The Wedge with Buttermilk vinaigrette is everything. (25) LaCola (NiCola or Cola) flavored LaCroix Water. (26) My Erin Condren LifePlanner. I also just discovered I’m truly a horizontal girl. Too late now though, I’m about to light up these vertical pages. (27) People who see me and genuinely love me without reservation. (28) Best Love by Yuna. If y’all don’t know who she is—Google her. One of my favorite artists out right now. (29) The ability to not waste the energy and power that I possess on people and things that do not serve me. (30) Sharing my love for food and recipes on my blog. So many exciting things to come! Stay tuned.




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