Okay y’all! I think the Universe is trying to tell me something. For those who didn’t know (or realize), I’ve been on a hiatus from running (or any physical activity) for the past year. It was very necessary to take that time off to heal and take care of myself, and push myself into a better space mentally and spiritually. I’m a big believer in self-care and doing what you need to do to survive. I was in survival mode due to my life changing drastically, and I’m in a much better space because of the time off.

Welp! Now it’s time to get my butt into gear (lowkey-kicking and screaming, lol). The other night my friend and I were talking about relaunching our active lifestyle. I decided that June 1 would be a great time to get back started. I’m seriously starting from scratch, y’all! You don’t understand…this marathoner will be starting a Couch-to-5K style program (Jeff Galloway plan) to get back in the swing of things. When you haven’t ran a single mile since God knows when forever, it’s like starting from scratch.

The last race I participated in was back in November as part of the Rock’n’ Roll Marathon Series – #RockNBlog Team in Las Vegas (you can read that recap here). I had to downgrade from the half to a 10K due to injury, and I pretty much walked the entire thing. I finished though! I really need to get myself back conditioned. The good news is, I just rejoined the gym. One hundred cool points for me!

I will be starting with 30 minutes of physical activity 3 to 4 days a week, then I’ll work my way up to a 5K (training plan here). These Jeff Galloway Blogger Tips came at a great time. I’ll be sharing ways to motivate your way out the door. And besides, a sista needs all the motivation she can get!



By Jeff Galloway

There is a point where every runner needs a little motivation to head out the door. Here is a proven strategy to get moving on the tough days.The method has also been helpful in dealing with other challenges.

Mentally Rehearse: The following is a mental exercise that you can do throughout the day to prepare for this situation, as you are sitting around at the end of the day, driving, or commuting home. Don’t focus on the workout. Instead, break down the experience into a series of small steps which are easy to do. As you rehearse the sequence of these, over and over, you become more likely to follow the same pattern when you need to do so.

Prepare by putting on comfortable shoes and clothes, and having your exercise equipment handy.  You’re not thinking about exerting yourself – just getting out of work clothes and into clothes that are comfortable but could be used for your workout.
1. Coffee? As you are dressing, brew some coffee, tea, or have a diet drink, etc. Caffeine (if you have no problems with it) will wake up the central nervous system, making exercise feel better.
2. Eat a snack. Low blood sugar is the most common reason for low motivation in the afternoon. An easy-to-digest snack will raise the level so that you feel good and will reduce the negative messages received from the stress-monitoring part of the brain (the left brain).
3. Weather? Just walk out the front door to see what the weather is like.
4. If you are using exercise equipment in a health club, check the availability and walk around the equipment until the user has finished his or her workout.
5. If outside, walk to the end of the block to get your bearings. Once you have walked 100 steps you are almost certain to continue.  If using a treadmill, commit to walking 100 steps, then commit to running 100 steps.

Have a reward afterward, such as a snack, a beverage, or a massage – you earned it!

There is a principle of lazy physics here: “A body on the couch wants to stay on the couch. But once a body is in motion it wants to stay in motion.”


Whether you’re relaunching your healthy/active lifestyle journey just like me or just need a reboot, I hope you will find these tips helpful! Be sure to check out more Jeff Galloway Blogger tips here! And while you’re at it, check out my recent post on overcoming fears and embracing the journey.


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  1. I am in the same boat. I hadn’t been running, or really working out, consistently since probably last fall. I started to try and get back into running last month, and it has been a struggle! lol Part of the issue is my body not being as in shape & trying to get back to where I was, and the other part is just the mental struggle to get out the door most days. Thanks for the tips!!

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