SURF. JAM. LIVE IN A MINI VAN! That’s seriously my theme for the rest of the summer! No, seriously…can I beach bum it until September 22nd?

Now that summer is here, I’m already plotting my next beach vacation. My family and I just got back from a beautiful, beach getaway as we celebrated my baby sister’s 21st birthday! It was so peaceful to wake up to the sound of the waves, while being kissed by the sun! I seriously did not want to leave, and I can’t wait to go back.

OK, so I have a confession.

If you have been following me, then you have probably noticed that I’m slighty obsessed with pineapples and flamingos. They are right on up there with coconuts and watermelons. For some reason the pair are a huge trend this summer like I’ve never seen before. They are everywhere! Literally. But please know, this has and will always be a lifelong love affair. (See Exhibit A & B). And being that my first beach vacay of 2017 is over and I’m preparing for another, I thought I would share with you a few of my Summer Essentials/Favorites that I keep in my beach bag…or gym bag…or handbag!

Exhibit A


OK, before I get into my essentials, let me tell you about the summery goodness that has blessed my life in this Alabama heat! SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime Gentle Wash and On-The-Go Wipes are so refreshing and they both smell amazing! I love that they are gentle to your skin, natural, and alcohol and sulfate free. Not only that, you can use the Coconut Lime Gentle Wash in the shower and it’s safe to use all over your body. The wipes are great for freshening up your sweet spot, especially before, during, and after your period. Going to the gym? Freshen up areas such as underneath your arms, back of knees, neck, etc. You can even use the wipes while you’re road trippin’ to the beach or while attending a festival! Just throw them in your bag!

Exhibit B


My Summer Favorites + Essentials:

  • Beach Bag – You must have a beach bag whether you are planning to go to the beach or not. One thing I love about summer is spontaneity, so be prepared!
  • Pineapple & Flamingo everything! – From swimsuits to beach bagsā€”or whatever…you must have something pineapple or flamingo in your possession. I mean…Summer…HELLO!
  • SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime Wipes & Washes I love that they are perfect for on-the-go, and you can use these products on your ENTIRE body! 
  • Body Spray/Mist – I’m a huge fan of crisp, clean scents which is why I love the SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime gentle wash and wipes.There’s something about freshening up and smelling all islandy in the process.
  • Body Scrub – I love a good body scrub. I picked up one recently at a local event and I love it. It makes me feel like a unicorn! They are great for exfoliating your skin and helps with keeping your skin moisturized.
  • Swimsuit – Two is better than one. Just sayin’!
  • Kimono or Swim Cover-Up – OK, kimonos are right on up there with my obsession list. I have at least 15, but if you own one then you know why. If you don’t, I promise you need one in your life. Thank me later! They also make the perfect swim cover-up. Being a woman with curves, I don’t want to hurt ’em too bad. Hack! You can also incorporate your “traditional” swim cover-ups into your daily wardrobe.
  • Slides – Slides are perfect while on vacation, walking to and from the pool, the beach, or just to keep on hand when you want to be comfortable. Find some that will easily allow sand to wash off of your feet and in between your toes.
  • Sunnies – Like swimsuits, two (pair) are better than one!

By the way, you can find SweetSpot Labs Coconut Lime Wash and Wipes on the Feminine Hygiene aisle at Walmart. And both products are only $5.98! You can’t beat that price, especially when comes to feeling fresh while you beat the heat! #SweetSpotLabs

What are your must-have summer essentials?



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