Do you guys remember a few months back when I shared that I finally took the plunge? Well, if you missed it, I did it! I FINALLY got my Veggie Bullet ! I pretty much stalked the Veggie Bullet since the first of the year. Well, let me share this for those who didn’t know. I’m a kitchen gadget junkie. I love anything that can help my meal prep process easier, and anything that will save me time when preparing/cooking dinner. I also thank my Mom, because she kinda started my obsession with kitchen gadgets from her love for As Seen on TV products (LOL!)—like this one here.

The Veggie Bullet - My Pretty Brown Fit

The Veggie Bullet is mostly known for spiralizing vegetables, but it is also considered a food processor. It makes it easy to prepare meals, and it will also encourage you to eat more vegetables. You already know my love for healthy swaps and recipes, so can you imagine how excited I am to have the Veggie Bullet part of my kitchen accessory team? EEEEE-LATED! The most popular thing that I use the Veggie Bullet to make is zucchini noodles (AKA Zoodles). Check out this recipe: Zoodles with Tomato Cream Sauce. Amazing by the way!

“Reduced prep time. Reduced cooking time. Increased nutritious, home-cooked meals. And increased vegetable consumption…With just the touch of a button, you can turn nutrient-rich whole foods into nutritious, complete meals in just minutes.”NutriBullet: Veggie Bullet Electric Spiralizer & Food ProcessorIn addition to spiralizing, you can use the Shredder/Slicer Accelerator (feature) that helps make fun meals like Cauliflower Fried Rice or shred vegetables like zucchini to make Zucchini Soft Taco Shells! All of these recipes are under the recipe section (of course). You will have an abundance of options that will inspire tons of recipes…just get creative!

Zucchini Soft Taco Shells Recipe


Please note…the Veggie Bullet is Artney approved! I would recommend it to anyone, especially for those who are looking for creative ways to eat more veggies. By the way, it’s the perfect way to sneak in veggies for the kiddos, too!

I can’t wait to share new recipes and eats with you all!

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