(1) JoZettie’s Cupcakes out of Montgomery, Alabama. See my IG post for deets. (2) Pumpkin Spice everything — EXCEPT pumpkin pie. “Hated it!”  No pumpkin slander allowed either. (3) Sza’s new album – Ctrl — Obsessed. I was blessed with the opportunity to MEET her in Atlanta. Check it out here. Blog post coming soon. (4) Magic City Classic (Week). One of my favorite events of the year. (5) My Erin Condren LifePlanner. I can’t wait to switch back to a horizontal planner. Vertical = OVER it. (6) Luca + Danni handmade pieces. Find out why I love them so much here. (7) Alexandra Elle and her beautiful gift of words, affirmation, and writing. (8) Spondivits (Food & Spirits). The absolute best lobster and crab buckets on this side of heaven. (9) Kat Von D’s “Homegirl” lipstick and lip liner. Favorite fall color tied with Revlon’s Va Va Violet. (10) My new tribute piece. (11) Trader Joe’s. I also love that they carry all of your seasonal favorites. (12) Peace of mind. Ain’t nothin’ like it. (13) Uncured turkey bacon in the air fryer! The absolute BEST bacon I’ve ever had in life. (14) Real, genuine people that don’t live in a box. (15) Queen Sugar. I had to bring this one back, because this season has me all in my feelings. (16) Bath & Body Works Candles and Wallflowers. (17) Incense (Sticks): Nag Champa, White Sage, Sandalwood, Dragon’s Blood…just to name a few. (18) Simply Strawberry Lemonade. Yes, it’s a thing. (19) Pumpkin Rolls. (20) Trap Meditation. Thank you, Nona. (21) Fenty Beauty Collection. (22) The Veggie Bullet. Wrote a post about it, too. (23) Roasted Brussels sprouts in the air fryer. Awesome food hack! (24) Metro Diner. New restaurant in Birmingham. Check out my review here. (25) Lecrae. His new album (All Things Work Together) is so dope! (26) Alina Baraz. (27) This is more of a forever thing, but I wanted her on this list. My Beautiful Mama. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her (Thank you for visiting me last night). (28) My dance/fitness small group. First time I’ve exercised in over a year. What makes it even better is doing it with encouraging women. (29) UAB Football! WE BACK, BABY…Go Blazers! #TheReturn. (30) FALL…my absolute favorite season. It’s so magical!



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