Disclaimer: this post is not for the food police, food critics, or What the Health enthusiasts. This post if for those who love a good home-cooked meal, just like it came from Granny’s kitchen.

You ever went hard on your workouts, logged all of your food, journaled your meals, and ate super good throughout the week — because you knew you would be dining at one of your favorite spots? Have you ever tasted food so good that it made you close your eyes, or so good that it made you do a little dance in your seat? Just like this cute, little girl here which had me tickled — because I totally felt her excitement!

I’ll never forget the first time my Dad brought me a breakfast sandwich from a local breakfast spot. I laughed because I was wondering what on earth could be wrapped in foil that I would want to eat? Other than a big pickle for 50 cents from Ms. Cat, the candy lady, circa 1987. You know, being a 20-something girl, I was used to McDonald’s or Burger King. However, the moment I opened up the foil, and tasted the breakfast “sammich” (sandwich) I was shook! Yes, sammiches are wrapped in foil and made with love.

That’s how I felt the first time I was introduced to Greg’s Breakfast Bar in Montgomery, Alabama. Being there reminds me of my childhood to be honest. That’s why I love going every time I’m in town. My M-I-Love is always so gracious to cook breakfast for us, but she laughs at me when I try to squeeze Greg’s into my visit. I can’t help it!

To me, Greg’s Breakfast Bar is a hidden gem. Out of all the years I have visited my family in Montgomery (aka the Gump), my first time visiting Greg’s was a year and a half ago. It has such a home atmosphere, and you can find the owner, Greg Whetstone, behind the bar cooking food himself! He makes you feel like you’re family. Mr. Greg says their most popular menu items is the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. But please note…it’s DELICIOUS!

If it’s wrapped in foil, you KNOW it’s gonna be good!

Mr. Arthur Davis said, “When you taste it [Greg’s] you can just think about old Grandmama or ya Mama cookin’…OK.”

Remember back in the day when you would put a slice of bologna in a cast iron skillet, “fry it”, put that slit in it, then add a lil’ mustard, mayo, and maybe some cheese between two pieces of “light bread”? EVERYTHING!

This bologna sandwich right here is the real deal! And as you can see it was wrapped in foil.

Ms. Hammond on her visit to Greg’s: “We are visiting for the weekend from Florida. We just had the best breakfast. Loved everything, nicest people we have met, very quick. We especially loved the thick bologna sandwiches. Thank you for a great breakfast. We look forward to coming back.”

Conecuh Plate

Fun fact: Conecuh sausage is made right here in Alabama!

All of the plates come with choice of meat, cheese grits, scrambled eggs, and toast. My favorite plate is the Conecuh Plate tied with the Salmon Plate. “If you haven’t had a salmon croquette patty in your life, you ain’t livin'”, as my friend always says. Oh…and everything comes with cheese, y’all! It also states on the menu that if you DO NOT want cheese, be sure to let Mr. Greg (or his staff) know.

I can’t say enough great things about this place! I’m looking forward to visiting again soon. And just so you know, Greg’s Breakfast Bar also serves lunch. Next time you are in Montgomery, make sure visit! Tell him, I sent you. The address is 3407 Norman Bridge Road, Montgomery, AL 36105.

Have you visited Greg’s Breakfast Bar? What’s your favorite menu item?