I absolutely love candles! I can thank my Mom, because she was totally obsessed with them and really anything that made her home smell good. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s, she used to boil potpourri on the stove. So many memories. I hate that I missed the Black Friday for candles last year when Bath & Body Works had their HUGE sale with super discounted candles. I won’t miss it next time.

Since I’m totally obsessed with seasonal scents and candles, you know I had to go stock up on my favorites, wallflowers, plus a few more smell good items. I don’t know about you, but I get a little nervous when candles get too low. They just get to a point where I just won’t burn them anymore. I have tried to figure how I can avoid wasting the wax from my favorite candles. I knew there had to be a genius out there who came up with a way.


Wax Removal For Later Use With a Candle Warmer

The boiling water method: Prepare a pot of boiling water (with CAUTION). Place your candles in a boiling pot on the stove until they melt. Again, please use this method with caution. Once you have finished melting your wax, you can allow it to cool then add wax to your candle warmer. You can find the tutorials here and here. Note: I recommend melting multiple candles at the same time. 

De-pot your candles: Take boiling water and pour it into each candle. Allow candle wax to cool. It should be solidified at the top of the candle jar. Next, extract wax (aka de-pot) for later use. A YouTuber compared the process to a science project, and it’s pretty fun to watch. It may take more time, but it definitely works. You can find a tutorial here.

Freeze your candles: I heard freezing your candles actually works. Once they have been in the freezer 1 to 2 hours, extract the wax and use it in your warmer. I haven’t tried this method yet, but I’m going to try it soon.

Optional Hacks

Create new scents: Melt your wax down and mix up the liquefied candles to create new scents. This method, totally trying it!

Decorate your home or bathroom: Use empty candle jars for bathroom essentials such as q-tips, cotton balls, etc.

See! These hacks are pretty simple.

I just purchased a few electric melt (candle) warmers at Target, so I plan to get my money’s worth out of my candles. I hope this helps someone looking to do the same!

Let me know what you think. Tell me how you repurpose candles after they’ve reached their max.