My Mom was a first grade teacher, so I attended the same grade school. Occasionally, she would stay home to take a sick/personal day, and of course I wanted to stay home with her. Welp! That didn’t happen. I would beg and plead only to end up riding with another teacher who lived in our neighborhood.

I’ll never forget Mr. Bailey. He drove a pick-up truck that was a straight-shift (stick-shift for the young tendas). He ALWAYS kept a tall Thermos filled with blazing, hot coffee. It smelled soooo good as we rode down 150 to head to Valley. He would even drink it like it was water. That’s when coffee first piqued my interest. It wasn’t until I was in my mid-20s that I actually started drinking it on a regular basis.

Working in an office setting, there was always a pot in the workroom. One day I decided to grab the little 8 oz foam cup and give it a try. Shortly after that, I discovered this amazing invention called a Keurig. That was it! I was going to become coffee drinker! Here it is almost eight years later and I love coffee more and more.

Although I’m a fan of Starbucks, I’m not part of the cult. I will drink any kind of coffee as long as it’s good. Even my church has some of the best coffee, which is brewed from a local coffee shop. I also realized owning a Keurig saved me lots of money. Especially when it came to $3+ coffee or $5+ lattes. So why not share my favorite single-serve coffee cups, pods, or whatever you want to call them. Most of them are for the low!

Here goes…

Publix Premium Coffee, Light Roast, Breakfast Blend

With new recyclable cup. Bright and Flavorful: Publix Premium Breakfast Blend coffee is an easy-drinking coffee, making a medium-bodied cup with bright acidity and a sweet finish. We’ve made our delicious coffee available in single-serve brewing cups so you can enjoy it one perfect cup at a time. Discover all our varieties. Publix Guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back. FSC: Recycled – Packaging made from recycled material. Roasted and packaged in Canada. 

This Breakfast Blend sells out at Publix pretty fast, so make sure you get your rain check! You can often find your favorites on BOGO at Publix.

Great Value Triple Chocolate Coffee, Medium Roast

Great Value Triple Chocolate Coffee Pods offers you the perfect blend of aromatic Arabica coffee and the sweetness of triple chocolate. Great Value brings together the richness, sweetness and boldness of three types of chocolates into a coffee blend that can create a spectacular mocha. Just top your coffee with a dollop of cream to make a mocha that rivals the one from your favorite coffee shop. This delectable blend of coffee and chocolate oozes flavor in every sip and will definitely make your everyday coffee experience so much more special.

Great Value’s Triple Chocolate coffee gives me the feels of hot chocolate without all of the sugar. Add a splash of Coffeemate’s Italian Sweet Creme Sugar Free creamer and you have yourself a winner. This flavor creamer does not have an aftertaste, while adding the perfect sweetness to coffee drinks. I also opt for Stevia (to taste) in my coffee over sugar.

GV single-serve pods are probably the least expensive that I’ve found outside of Publix’s BOGO sale. By the way, make sure you are using the Savings Catcher program while shopping at Walmart! You can read my post about it here. You will be surprised how much you save, and you can use you savings as an E-card for future purchases. I usually redeem my savings around the holidays to put towards groceries for our holiday feast!

Archer Farms Pumpkin Spice Coffee, Light Roast

Pumpkin Spice Single Cups from Archer Farms offer delicious coffee at a great value. Combining cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin pie spices, these coffee pods are the perfect way to warm up when the weather gets chilly.

Archer Farms Coffee is making BOLD changes from farm to cup
• Better for our trade partners
• Better for the environment
• Better for our guests

You already know how I feel about pumpkin spice by now!

Community Coffee Breakfast Blend, Medium Roast

This aromatic, medium roast is sure to awaken your senses and follow with a smooth finish. Made from only the top 10% of the world’s coffee beans.

    • Smooth and bright
    • Made with 100% select Arabica coffee
    • Sourced and roasted with four generations of family care
    • Taste the difference family makes
    • Community Coffee Company has sold rich, smooth coffee since 1919

Community’s Breakfast Blend is in a tie with Publix’s Premium brand.

Great Value Toasted Coconut Coffee Single Serve Cups, Light Roast

Great Value Toasted Coconut Coffee Pods offer a unique blend of premium quality Arabica coffee with the sweet, nutty flavor of toasted coconut. Made with 100% Arabica coffee, this premium blend is lightly roasted to retain the rich flavor and create the perfect balance with the mild sweetness of toasted coconut. It comes in 12 single-serve pods that are compatible with all 2.0 brewer systems. It is best served as steaming hot black coffee and works great with creamer as well. Pour your coconut coffee over ice and top with a hint of coconut milk and honey to create a delicious and refreshing summer drink. This exquisite blend of coffee with the unique sweetness of toasted coconuts will make your daily coffee experience extra special.

This coffee makes you feel all island’y! So good!

Remember to always recycle your single-serve and K-cup pods!


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