I will never forget seeing this beautiful, freckled-face, magical black girl with BIG hair (and y’all already know how I feel about big hair). I had to find out who she was. Her name was, well…is SZA! I saw her performing at Coachella, and she was such a free spirit. I absolutely LOVED her energy. Since that day, I have followed her music. I’m talking back to her early EPs: Z EP – released on my birthday 2014 | S EP released in 2013 | See.SZA.Run released in 2012. When you see her perform, she will make you want to bounce, move, sway…whatever just because she’s just that dope! And her energy is SICK! 

SZA’s voice is so unique, and it’s a sound that cannot be duplicated—especially her earlier work. Put a pin on this: Go listen to “Ice Moon”, “Castles”, “Aftermath”, and “Teen Spirit”.

What’s so ironic about SZA is that she has been around for almost a decade, and people are just now giving her the flowers she deserves. When “Drew Barrymore” released, then the video (Yes, actress Drew Barrymore really does have a cameo in the video), people wanted to hear more. Then came “Broken Clocks” and “Love Galore” with Travis Scott (AKA Kylie Jenner’s “alleged” baby daddy).

***BREAKING NEWS*** As a proud big sister (in my head), I also just found out that SZA is the most nominated female artist for the 2018 Grammy Awards! Get it, Suhhh! You can read her heartfelt post about her nominations and success as a new artist.

I always said that if SZA ever went on tour, I was going to be there even if I had to go by myself. I meant it! I was so excited when she released her #CTRLTour dates, and even happier to know she was within driving distance. I traveled to the A (AKA Atlanta) with one of my girlfriends, and we arrived early for the VIP Meet & Greet. I still couldn’t believe I was about to meet SZA!

Waiting for SZA to arrive at the Meet & Greet

SZA was so sweet and beautiful! You can’t help BUT love her!


The Tabernacle

Let me explain something to you…I’ve never been to a concert where I had to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a hot, sweaty pit-style venue like a crazy person. SZA, Solange, and BeyoncĂ© may be the only artists that I would do that for. You could even feel the floor rocking. People were passing out and dying of thirst, because I dare you to move and lose your spot. I stood for approximately 6 to 8 hours. Never again. Next time I will be up in the balcony seats looking down like the seasoned folks around my age and older. It did, however, feel good to relive my “20-somethings”.

Look how close I was! Literally at the stage! Eeeek!



Other artists that performed at the CTRL Tour – Atlanta stop were Smino and Ravyn Lenae. I was super hype when Smino brought out Grammy award winner, T. Pain. Not even kidding…T-Pain’s music was “honestly, truly” the soundtrack of my life from 2008-2010.

We made our final stop to one of my favorite places in Atlanta, Spondivits. They serve up some of THE BEST fresh seafood and Lobster & Crab buckets on this side of heaven. Make sure you visit while you’re in the A.

I had an absolute blast, and I’m grateful for the experience! Thank you, Solana. Check out SZA’s interview on the Breakfast Club that gives you a glimpse into who she is and how her journey started.

Team Solana FOR-EVA!




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