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You probably know by now that I’m a foodie, and I will travel to a destination just for the food alone. But there is something special about a city that offers so much more. I’m talking about awesome entertainment, events, and an abundance of things to do. I don’t care what anyone says, the south hands down has some of the best places to visit. After watching the Jackson Docu-Series I knew I wanted to make it part of my 2018 travel! 

Jackson, Mississippi, also known as the City with Soul, is a city rooted in culture, and it continues to thrive with rich history, food, entertainment, art, and so much more! I’ve had the pleasure of visiting a few times, but I’m long overdue for another trip. I will definitely be planning a trip in the new year to enjoy some of Jackson’s finest. 

Soul-Stirring Sounds, Art, and Culture 

Jackson, Mississippi has deep roots in the gospel community. It’s the home of one of my favorite gospel choirs, the Mississippi Mass Choir. Their soul-stirring sound is like no other, and they will have you rocking and swaying from side-to-side to the sweet sound of gospel. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this internationally renowned gospel choir live quite a few times! Amazing! 

Visit Jackson

Medgar Evans Home | Photo Credit: Visit Jackson

The Smith Robertson Museum & Cultural Center opened in 1894, and it was also the first public school built for African-Americans in Jackson. The museum also exhibits art, artifacts, photography and more on the Civil Rights and African-American experience in the deep south. You can learn about well-known author, Richard Wright, and many African-American contributions such as one of Jackson’s most heroic civil rights leaders, Medgar Evers. Evers helped overturn segregation and worked to secure voting rights for African-Americans. In addition, you can get a tour of his home. It also serves as a look into the African-American experience in the 1960s. The home of Medgar Evers is a national landmark in Jackson.

Sonic Boom of the South - Visit JacksonThe Sonic Boom of the South | Photo Credit: Visit Jackson 

I’ve always been a huge fan of marching bands. Jackson State University Marching Band, also known as The Sonic Boom of the South, is a nationally recognized marching band. Jackson State University is also part of the South Western Athletic Conference (also known as the SWAC), and it is a successful four-year university. My love for the Sonic Boom and their featured dancers, the Prancing J-Settes, has always made them one of my favorites. They also put on an amazing halftime show! Between the games, fans, tailgating with family and friends, you will most definitely have a great time! The games are even played in the center of downtown.

Jackson is also the home of many famous writers and artists. It’s also the home of one of the best independent book stores in the country. Lemuria Bookstore is a Jackson landmark and it has hosted many book signings for famous authors. 

Food and Entertainment

Visit Jackson Big Apple Inn | Photo Credit: Visit Jackson

It’s no secret that Jackson is known for its delicious eats! There are so many places you will have to try when you visit. One of those places is the Farish St. (District) also called “Little Harlem”. It’s the largest (intact) African-American district in the United States. It is said that it was a safe space for African Americans to gather during the Civil Rights era. It has so much history and it’s where many local eateries, such as Big Apple Inn, reside. Big Apple Inn is a Farish St. favorite, and I hear the Pig Ear and Sausage sandwich is a must! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Also on Farish St. is Johnny T’s Bistro and Bar. It has a delicious menu and they stay open late. And if you didn’t know, I love a juke-joint! Not far from Johnny T’s is another awesome spot called, F. Jones Corner. This is where you can enjoy an eclectic crowd with the sounds of blues, great drinks and live music until your pillow starts calling your name. 

Babalu Tacos & Tapas | Photo by My Pretty Brown Fit 

Also what I love about Mississippi is that they can grow up to 30 different fruit and vegetable crops. The original Mississippi Farmer’s Market, Up in Farms in Jackson, is a food hub that provides fresh produce to local restaurants and grocery stores. They also assemble unique Farm Packs that you can pick up all over town. How sweet is that? Eat local! 


Visit Jackson

Mississippi Blues Marathon | Photo Credit: Visit Jackson

If you’re a runner, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Mississippi Blues Marathon! I’ve attended this event as crowd support, but it’s still on my race bucket list. They have live music, awesome crowd and course support, and without-a-doubt one of the dopest finisher’s medals I’ve ever seen! Y’all know I run for bling! I was supposed to run the half marathon a few years ago, but Snowmaggedon prevented me from being able to attend. However, I’ve had so many friends run this race and I know it’s always a blast! 

There’s so much to do in Jackson and it’s affordable! Make sure you check out the entire JXN Docu-Series here to plan your travel to this great city! 

Have you visited the City with Soul? Where are your favorite places to visit? 

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