I absolutely believe you get what you pay for. Then there are those rare gems that you find that you just can’t pass up. I have tried certain brands and they just couldn’t deliver even with a heavy price tag. Instead of going off of opinions, I still like to try things out for myself. I have found the sweetest gems in the most unexpected places

Being a full-figured woman with curves, I’m always looking for good support. Not just any support, but support that will fit my lifestyle and my budget. If you tell me that I can have elegance, a great fit, and value all wrapped in one—you have my attention. You WANT to feel sexy and beautiful! 

When I discovered DreamFit at Walmart, I was absolutely blown away by their intimate bra apparel…the styles, colors, patterns, detail, and comfort. They offer a full figure assortment of everyday bras, and they want to be better than national brands. Mad respect for their vision.

DreamFit has an array of styles from traditional to modern, or even classic fit while offering fashion trends for every season. Their bra range is everything: Deep Plunge, Back Smoothing T-Shirt, Multi-Way Plunge, Convertible Balconette, Stretch Cotton Plunge, and Feather Light.


I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic and DreamFit has made a believer out of me. Even my girlfriends want to try DreamFit because they’ve seen the results (after wearing the Back Smoothing T-shirt Bra) with their own eyes. They loved the visual support!

Enter the DreamFit giveaway for a chance to win one of (4) $250 Walmart gift cards. In addition, 10 lucky winners will have a chance to win a DreamFit bra of your choice!   

Don’t forget to enter this awesome giveaway. You may be a lucky winner! DreamFit intimate apparel is definitely worth heading to your local Walmart to try a few styles! You can learn more about DreamFit here


My Pretty Brown Fit

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