There will always be signs from the universe to let you know that you are exactly where you need to be. Transparent moment: I don’t like to talk about it on here, but you never how many people you can help by sharing your story. One month after my BIG NEWS was announced, my beautiful Mother transitioned to heaven. Almost to the exact date. All of this happened so fast (and unexpectedly), and on Mother’s Day out of all days. My whole life was turned upside down. I was devastated. How could I celebrate this amazing accomplishment when I was preparing to bury the woman who birthed me, who loved me, and was one of my biggest cheerleaders and truly one of my best friends. I tried so hard, but I just didn’t have it in me. I was lifeless. Grief set in like nobody’s business. People saw me and thought I was OK, but I was that “strong friend” that NEEDED to be checked on. I had so much going on behind the scenes, but by the GRACE of God I survived.

It’s all about embracing where I am on the journey, even if it’s not perfect, and loving myself on the way to where I want to be. -Artney (Weight Watchers Magazine, May/June Issue 2016, page 63)

Wow! Those were my words. Reading them again did something to me. I shared those exact words with the world in the May/June 2016 Issue of Weight Watchers Magazine, part of the I Love What My Body Can Do series. That was my heart-check. Why can’t those same words still apply today?

So…here we go again. How did I get here? I never expected to be where I am today OR returning to this place. But believe me…grief weight is real. Grief can manifest in so many ways. I stopped doing the things I loved cold turkey, and I was in a rut. But I have returned to a place where structure, community, sisterhood, and so much more resides. A place that just works for me. My beloved, Weight Watchers. But I can’t lie…I MISSED it! I would get cute, little postcards in the mail saying “we miss you (too)!” and my body and mind just wouldn’t line up with what was in my heart. It’s all about your mindset.

I reflected back to 2008 when I started my WW journey. I’m almost 10 years older now, and pounds just don’t drop off like they used to either. But I get it. We’re living beyond the scale now. But still. Here I am almost two years into this “new normal”, and I it’s time to get back to taking care of me. I will no longer allow grief to control my life.

I kept hearing freestyle, freestyle, freestyle…and I was like “What is WW up to now?” Then one of my childhood friends asked me what I thought about the new program. Once again – The Universe. Thennn…I saw a photo of DJ Khaled on the Weight Watchers Instagram page…then I read the MAJOR KEY ALERT that he is the newest ambassador to join the WW Family! Can you say stoked?! Total understatement. I wanted IN! Not because of him (okay…may a wee bit part of the reason), but once again it was the universe showing me those signs again. I CAN do this!

I’m ready to do this! It’s TIME. This is not about being “skinny” or being a certain size…it’s about self-love, self-care, and living my BEST life! I do plan to share my journey, so feel free to follow along. I am pretty excited about the new Freestyle Program, too. I’m even more excited to share new food, recipes, etc., because that’s one thing about me that will never change — my love for food! And thank God for Weight Watchers because you can still enjoy the foods you love! I even started a Facebook Group back in 2016, if you want to join. I plan to crank things back up in the upcoming weeks. It’s all about community. We’re better together.

If you are joining the WW Family…Welcome! Or if you’re an existing member or want to see what it’s all about, feel free to follow me on Instagram: @myprettybrown, Twitter (@myprettybrown), and My Pretty Brown Fit on Facebook! Oh, and I’m on Snapchat, too! Snap: myprettybrown08.

This year will truly be about celebrating victories (big and small) and most importantly, living our BEST lives! 




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