I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it is 2-0-1-8! It seems as if the holidays came and went so fast! While everyone was thinking about new year resolutions, I was thinking about ways to stay motivated. By the way, I stopped doing the resolutions thing a few years ago. For me, I found resolutions ineffective. What I do find helpful is setting small, attainable goals.

I’m sure many may feel like they ate way too much over the holidays or slacked on exercise. That’s okay. Today is a new day and it’s never too late to start fresh. That’s why you always find so many people re-committing to the gym, healthy habits, lifestyle changes, etc. Myself included.  

I have been on a hiatus from running, but I decided to pull out my running shoes (visual motivation), and I am going to start back walking (slowly) as soon as the temperature gets a little warmer. In the meantime, I’ll actually be doing Zumba (on DVD) or spinning again until the temperature gets warmer. It has been insanely cold the past few weeks here.

1Shot Protein will help me with my new year transition and I’m pretty excited about it! It’s the perfect post-workout/fitness hack that will give me 24 grams of protein after my workout. It is only 96 calories, has 0g sugar, 0g fat, it’s gluten and lactose free, and it’s all packed in this convenient bottle! 

1Shot Protein is great for those who have a busy lifestyle or who are constantly on-the-go. You won’t have to worry about having to use a shaker bottle or spilling it (i.e. making mess). It can also easily fit into your gym bag/purse (or pocket), and it doesn’t require refrigeration. That makes it that much better than having to “make” your own protein shake, especially if your day is hectic. I can’t forget the best part..it tastes really GOOD! They come in four flavors: Coffee (yes, please!), Tropical (my favorite right now), Strawberry, and Mixed Berry. You can also order 1Shot Protein on Amazon! Save 15% off any 12 pack by entering 2018GOAL upon checkout!

Here are a few other hacks that will help me (and hopefully you, too) kick-start the new year!

Prayer/Meditation: The new year is always a great time to re-dedicate yourself to prayer/meditation practices. Prayer/meditation will center your mind, body, and spirit. It creates an atmosphere for positive energy that will lead to a productive day.

Get moving. Go for a run, exercise to a Zumba DVD or attend a live class like spin class, take a walk on your lunch break, or plan to hit the gym after work or after picking the kids up from school.

Eat Smart. One healthy habit that I recommit to every year is eating more veggies. You can never have enough veggies. Eating salads is a great way that I like to incorporate them — or smoothies!

Salad Life - Small Changes for the New Year

Drink more water. Just DO IT! (Preaching to myself because this has always been a struggle).

Keep a food/activity journal. A journal is a great way to stay on track with your fitness/food goals. Also, there are many apps out there that will help you stay accountable; however, I’m also old school and writing my goals down is a must for me.

That’s it! So…if enjoyed yourself over the holidays, please don’t beat yourself up over it. By incorporating small changes, those small changes will turn into big changes and big changes turn into healthy habits. 

How do you plan on making sure you stick to your new year’s resolutions or healthy habits? 



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