Merry Christmas Eve!

I love this time of year so much! I wish we could stay in the moment a little while longer. I’m sharing the Holiday Edition of 30 Things I Love Right Now! Before I get to the obvious of #1 on my list, I thought I’d share my couture creation that won me my very first Tacky Sweater Award! I also won the Jingle Sweater and Throwback Sweater award! Y’all know I love vintage!

30 Things I Love Right Now Holiday Edition 2 original

(1) Tacky Christmas Sweaters. (2) Peppermint Mocha flavored coffee. (3) Celebrating Jesus. (4) Spending time with family/friends. (5) A Soulful Christmas album. (6) Giving hope to others. (7) Holiday Cheer. (8) Christmas Surprise. Seriously, one of the best holiday treats ever made. (9) Sprite (Zero) Cranberry. (10) Gingerbread. (11) Food/Cooking. Holiday-inspired everything! (12) The Chipmunk Christmas Carols album. Random Fact: I still have the cassette tape. (13) My new Samsung Galaxy Note 5. (14) A Highlands Christmas at Church of the Highlands. (15) I am so freaking happy that I became a Marathon Maniac before Christmas. Woot Woot! (16) Evan Williams Egg Nog. (17) “Santa’s White Christmas” Coffee by Barnies Coffee Kitchen. (18) Not having a marathon training schedule. (19) Silver Bells AKA Hershey Kisses. (20) Baking cookies. (21) Peppermint Bark. (22) Dasani Black Cherry Sparkling Water. (23) Christmas decorations. (24) A Christmas Story. (25) Holiday vacation time. (26) Wearing my footed jammies. I only wear them during the holiday season. (27) Hot cocoa with marshmallows. (28) Wassail Punch. (29) Christmas parties. (30) A Charlie Brown Christmas.

What have you been loving this holiday season?

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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