I woke up at 5 a.m. the morning of my birthday to get my “Birthday Run” in— 3.4 miles to kick-off the big 3-4! When I got to work that morning, my sweet coworkers surprised me with a Birthday Breakfast: breakfast wraps and Krispy Kreme (my weakness).


wpid-20140408_072419.jpgBirthday “Run” Bling—I Ran for Cake on my Birthday!


wpid-20140408_083803.jpgAlthough the forecast said that it was going to storm, I’m thankful that God allowed the sun to shine on my birthday!

  wpid-wp-1397138019566.jpegThen this happened. My sweet husband surprised me with cupcakes from Dreamcakes!

wpid-screenshot_2014-04-05-18-27-22-1.pngThis was such a nice birthday surprise waiting in my inbox, especially since dining from the regular bar is $42.99 per person. A birthday perk ain’t ever hurt nobody! I will definitely put this to use in the upcoming weeks.

wpid-screenshot_2014-04-08-19-19-33-1.pngI guess you can tell where I’m having my birthday dinner! You know the older you get, you sometimes have to put things on your calendar to remind yourself. O_o

wpid-2014-04-11-12.55.31.jpg.jpegServing 1980’s vintage realness in the midst of a bipolar spring!

wpid-2014-04-11-10.39.37.jpg.jpeg I’ve been a huge fan of Texas de Brazil (Brazilian-style steakhouse) since 2007! Want to know why? Read their overview here. I was beyond elated when I found out there was one opening in Birmingham. You can read that post here. My birthday dinner at TDB was a must!

wpid-2014-04-11-19.27.05.jpg.jpegCoconut Mandarin Mojito! So refreshing!

wpid-20140314_194230.jpgGotta love place cards! Turn it to green (“Sim, Por Favor”) and the “troop of carvers” will come by your table. Turn your place card to red (“Não, Obrigado”) and either you need a minute or you have thrown in the towel! The various cuts of meat are perfection. Mashed Potatoes (enough for four people), Fried Bananas, and Brazilian cheese rolls are served with dinner. My absolute favorites are the Brazilian Sausage, Garlic Sirloin, and Lobster Bisque with steamed white rice. I have a few honorable mentions that include grilled pineapple and sushi from the salad bar. Okay, let’s just say the entire salad bar and carving queue. I’m serious—everything is so good!




David and the TDB staff took great care of us and made sure my (our) dining experience was beyond spectacular! I received a complimentary dessert, Brazilian Cheesecake, that will melt in your mouth.

Love & Laughter: Sinfully Chocolate Ice Cream Cake!

All in all, I had a FABulous birthday! I’m very grateful for everyone and their thoughtfulness. It truly made my birthday special! Here’s to many more! *Toasts Dasani Sparkling*

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Today has been awesome and the day is not over. Not to mention, I celebrate my birthday for an entire month! Why not? I’m so blessed and thankful! I appreciate all of the birthday love, messages, texts, calls, tweets…you name it! XO, Artney

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