It’s Thursday and I’m so ready for the weekend! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted about some great thrift finds. I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, Happy Birthday To Me!!! And I’ve been waiting to wear one of my favorite pieces. Had the perfect place to where it…It was “A Celebrate” with tons of friends!!! 

Vintage Art

 Sneak Peek of the my thrifted, vintage top!

Everyone knows I LOVE color, florals, and patterns! It’s Springtime so I know I’ll really be pulling them out! As if the other seasons would have stopped me. Not! This top was snatched right off the rack the moment I saw it! The blazer was also thrifted. 

Vintage Please excuse the lighting inside of this night club!

This is the Hello Kitty handbag live and in living color, that I posted about here! This is one of my girlfriend’s bag. We are both big HK fans. I think I’m more of a fanatic than she is though. *wink* My Sister told me today that she has a surprise for me! I hope this is it!!! :-)

Happy Birthday! Vintage Art - Hello Kitty Please forgive the lighting! I did the best I could. The venue was dark…but the spotlight was on me, ’cause it was my birthday! Owwww! Just kidding! lol

This is me on my Birthday/Easter! I changed into this after 5 a.m. service. A sista was tired, so when I got ready for lunch with my Mommy, I wanted to be comfie and I wanted to wear something colorful. We were headed to one of my Dad’s favorite restaurants, The Bright Star!

Thrifty Thursday

Until next time Happy Thrifters & Vintage Lovers!



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