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  1. prova gratis iqoption What kind of hair did you use? 100% Kanekalon braiding hair. They also have a brand called Expressions where you don’t have to use as many packs and you can use the “pulling method” to make the hair stretch.
  2. wie komme ich zu den grafiken bei stockpair How much did the hair cost? $1.99 a pack
  3. trader binario demo How many packs did you use? Approximately 11 (my twists were waist length)
  4.���誰���誰�����誰��������誰���誰�����誰���誰�����誰���誰���息�誰�����誰���誰�����誰����������誰���息�誰��������誰���誰�����誰�������誰���孫�誰���損�足�������総����cs.php come si fa una previsione sulle opzioni binario Did you wash them? I did not wash them, mainly because I didn’t keep them up long enough. However, I did use a spray bottle (water, coconut oil, JBCO oil, and a little conditioner) to spritz my scalp and my hair in twists daily. I also spritzed my scalp with peppermint oil and olive oil after my workouts.
  5. banc de swiss binäre optionen erfahrungen How long did it take? Approximately 11 hours (it was my first time, my second time was close to 8 1/2 hours)
  6. binaire opties demo What’s your nighttime routine? I pulled my twists back in a ponytail and slept with a stain cap. sometimes I’ll put a scarf around my hair and wear the cap.
  7. 60 segunden binäre optionen strategie Were they tight? Not at all. I never install twists, braids etc tight around my edges. It’s almost that looseness after the tightness has worn off after most braiders install them ( if that makes sense).
  8. optionen handel lernen What do you use on your scalp? I use Organic Root Stimulator body and hair spray or DAX (Vegetable oils w/ Lanolin) Pomade, and JBCO (around perimeter) when needed.

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Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

Protective Styles (Senegalese Twists) - My Pretty Brown Blog

I took this set down, because I was preparing for my first 10K with Black Girls Run! in Atlanta. They were too heavy to be running in and it was HOT. I guess I should’ve thought about that before I did them — which is why I decided to wait to do them in the cooler months. I am planning on doing my very first installment of box braids this Winter! I’m excited about that. Be on the lookout for those!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below!