OK, so I really hadn’t planned on it, but since we’re here…and it’s Friday…why not! I’ve been going through a transition period and I’m finally to a point where I actually feel like blogging again. It’s been a process, but I’m here. If you know me then you know that I love to take pictures…random things, food, people, whatever. My Mom used to laugh at me for always wanting to her take picture/selfies when we were together. I don’t regret it one bit either. So…at least that part of me hasn’t changed. Here are some of my favorites that I have been loving lately.

Sarah’s Grace: Hope + Healing | Chasing the New Normal

Sarah’s Grace Blog is my new venture that I started to share about this new normal that I’m living in. I really do feel like it’s a place of healing for me. I also get to share about my beautiful Mom and the things that she loved. And if you know me then you know that these are obviously things that I love, too. I’ll also be sharing about grief and loss, in hopes that my journey will help someone after the loss of a loved one and/or heartbreak. I would really love it if you would subscribe! You can also follow Sarah’s Grace on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Sarah's Grace: Chasing the New Normal


Ozark Trail Tumbler

If you don’t have one of these in your stash, you are totally missing out! Don’t get me wrong…I like the “rhymes with Betty”…but this here Ozark does the same job for less than half the price. I went by Walmart and they were completely sold out, so I decided to take advantage of the buy online, pick-up in store option. So glad I did that! The day I picked them up, there were so many on hold from people buying them by the dozens. I guess that lets you know that they do the dang thang! And YES…it does the same job as my “rhymes with Betty”. Love it!

Ozark Tumbler - My Pretty Brown Fit


New Mexican Spot

Of course it’s FOOD! A sista gotta eat!

One thing about me is when I find a good restaurant, it’s stuck with me. I’m very picky when it comes to Mexican food. I don’t care for bourgeoisie Mexican either. I remember when I moved back to Birmingham from Tuscaloosa, I was so sad I had to leave my favorites: El Rincon and La Fiesta behind. Who else can serve up Flaming Cheese Fajitas like El Rinco? Or serve up a yumtastic Spicy Burrito like La Fiesta? Lucky for me, I was able to find two places here that served both. Although they are a little further out, it’s nice to find a spot close to home. Undisclosed Location (Yes, I’m being a little petty)! LOL!

Mexican Restaurant


Chloe X Halle – Sugar Symphony

I absolutely ADORE these girls! If you don’t know who they are, you might as well get in “Formation”. These beautifully eclectic sisters were discovered on YouTube—by Beyoncé! The Teen Queens are from Atlanta, Georgia and their voices will leave you speechless. Smooth like butta! Chloe X Halle just released their EP Sugar Symphony. Their gifts range from singing to guitar…piano…you name it. Anyone who has Beyoncé as a mentor and can cover Desiigner’s “Timmy Turner” and make it sound better than the original (no shade) is #1 in my book! And if you’re on Snap, you should follow their adventures. You’ll love every bit of the ride!

Chloe X Halle - Friday Favorites - My Pretty Brown Fit


Bluebell Ice Cream – Cookie Two Step

Oh my word! Whoever thought of the idea to mix chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream together is GENIUS! So much of a genius that I will be starting back the gym next week! REAL TALK!

Bluebell Ice Cream Cookie Two Step


Well that’s it for me folks! I hope you all are enjoying your summer. I hope to be back to regularly blogging here on My Pretty Brown Fit soon. You can find me on in the meantime.

Feel free to share some of your summer favorites!


(1) OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild album by Hillsong Worship.  (2) Pumpkin Spice everything.  (3) Distance running. (4) Food photography. (5) Heated throw (best invention ever). (6) OISM leg and foot massager. (7) Being CHANGED. (8) Marriage Small Group.  (9) Tuna Creations. (10) #BlogLikeCrazy. (11) Cooking during the holiday season. I can taste my sweet […]

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Last week, See Jane Write founder Javacia gave us a blogging/writing prompt to get our creative juices flowing. I enjoyed reading her 30 things that she loves (right now), so I said…I can do this! Confession: I’m really digging the writing prompt idea. Well…here goes it! 1) My Gizeh Birkenstock sandals. | (2) Wearing a […]

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Can you believe it’s almost August? This year is truly flying by! Over the weekend, I attended the inaugural Sloss Music & Arts Festival held at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. It was a two-day music event which brought music to Birmingham while showcasing some of the best food, Birmingham food trucks, craft beer, cocktails, […]

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I can’t believe December is here! It seriously snuck up on me and my goodness–this is the last month in 2013! I’m looking forward to so many things in the upcoming weeks–Holiday cheer, concerts, The Chipmunks Christmas Carols (Yes, I still love them), peppermint mocha coffee, peppermint bark, and baking my favorite sweet eats like […]

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