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iqopzionibinarie Cutie pie James Marsden as John F. Kennedy. You may remember him from X-Men, Enchanted, and 27 Dresses!

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 20130819-092805.jpgI was excited to see Yaya Alafia (previously DaCosta) on the big screen! I’ve been following this beautiful, young lady since her America’s Next Top Model  (ANTM) career. Loved seeing her in the role as an activist. It’s a very close depiction of her real life as she is an advocate for many issues that affect us. fai yrade con opzipni binarie Watch the Trailer here!



 I have quite a few movies on my list to see: Elysium, Jobs, and Mandela, just to name a few! Have you seen any good movies lately? If so, share them below!


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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

I just finished watching an awesome documentary called, Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead. The documentary follows Joe Cross who is 100 lbs overweight, dealing with an autoimmune disease, taking various medications, and dealing with other issues/concerns. Joe’s goal is to kick to the curb all the bad stuff (junk food, bad eating habits, etc) and vow […]

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OMG! I can’t believe tonight is opening night of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2!!!!!! If you could only see my face! STOKED!!! This will be my very first opening night for any Twilight movie. I feel like a teenager and truthfully, me along with some other fan friends, we may be the oldest ones […]

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