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A Seat at the Table - Currently - My Pretty Brown Fit

Listening // …to everything. I’ve been rocking so much new music lately. Y’all know I’ve been on Solange’s new album, “A Seat at the Table” HARD since I stayed up in the wee hours of the morning, waiting for it to drop. I love every bit of her UNAPOLOGETIC exploration into black culture by sharing her truth. My truth. Our truth. My favorite songs? ALL OF THEM! OK…if I really have to pick…”Cranes in the Sky, Don’t Touch My Hair, F.U.B.U., and Don’t Wish Me Well”…oh and “Weary.” I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it…Solange has always been my favorite! I really love this ENTIRE album. She is a brilliant singer and writer, and I don’t care what anyone says…I believe she’s BeyoncΓ©’s ghost writer. You can’t tell me she’s not all up in and throughout Lemonade. Speaking of writers…

Sebastian Kole | Currently - My Pretty Brown Fit

One of Birmingham’s own, Sebastian Kole just released his debut album, SOUP (Southern Urban Pop)! Sebastian is a singer and songwriter with EP Entertainment/Motown, and if you’ve heard “Here” by Alessia Cara, then you’ve heard Sebastian, the genius co-writer/co-producer behind it. If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve definitely heard a few of his songs on there as well. My favorite songs so far are: “Priceless”, “Choose You Again”, “Love’s On The Way”, and “Home”. I’m proud to know him. Remember his name. You can get your copy here. Support good music! I have another artist that I’ve been vibin’ to lately, but I’ll share about her soon.

Watching // Whatever I can when I find the time…There’s so much on TV right now, and I swear I’m trying to keep up. I have been reducing the amount of reality ratchetness I consume (including all of the Real Housewives of…, Love & Hip Hop, etc.), so I’m totally behind on those. I have really been diggin’ the Fixer Upper and Good Bones on HGTV. LOVE! I also know that I’m late to the party, but the comedy series Insecure by Issa Rae, creator of Awkward Black Girl, is absolutely HILARIOUS! I just started it last weekend, and I think this series is a keeper. Queen Sugar and Green Leaf on OWN are a few others that I’ve been watching, that I really need to catch up on.


Reading // Too many books. Where do I begin? I’m not a focused reader. I’ll start on one book then start another. With everything that has transpired over the past six months, I have been reading according to my needs. I started off with When Life Hurts by Jimmy Evans which is an excellent read! After I finished it, I started reading Lysa TerKeurst’s new book Uninvited, which I stopped reading because Ty Alexander (the babe behind Gorgeous in Grey) released her new book, Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died. This book was a Godsend, because I feel like she was sharing my life, and I don’t feel like I’m alone on this journey. It amazes me how much of her experience is similar to mine. Kind of scary to be honest. I have about four other books that I’m planning to read before the new year, which I’ll share about later.

Feeling // Better than I expected…considering the obvious. Still very heartbroken and I miss her. It’s still hard to type this ish out, but I am grateful to have an outlet that allows me to write my way to healing. God has truly been keeping me, and I try to keep people around me whose vibrations are pure and full of peace and light. It makes a difference. I also think being part of a Small Group that understands what I’m going through has been very beneficial to me on my road to healing.

Enjoying // Getting back to the core of who I am. I’m taking a shift with my blogging by getting back to a true lifestyle approach. Although my blog is a food + fitness lifestyle blog, I am really excited about sharing more about ME (and sharing things I think people would take interest in), like I did when I started this blog. That’s what it’s all about, right? So in addition to food and fitness, look for me to share about vintage finds, beauty, and fashion inspired posts, and whatever else I feel like writing about.

Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries, Pecans, & Gorgonzola

Eating // Y’all this recipe right here… Honey Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries, Pecans, & Gorgonzola? It has been everything God intended. I have been slacking on getting my green veggies in (guilty), but this recipe made it easy to get all of my servings in for the week.  No seriously, I almost ate the entire pan! Don’t try this at home. This fall-inspired recipe has a combo that will have you snacking on healthy, deliciousness all-day-long! And add the balsamic and honey…Yessss! Everything! You can get the recipe here. And since it’s October, you must check out this fun, Pumpkin Patch Cheese Pie recipe that I made last year. The CUTESTβ€”and delicious!

Drinking // You all probably know about my obsession with LaCroix water.  If you follow me on Instagram then you know I finally found the NiCola (Cola) flavor! I’ve been enjoying it so, and I definitely don’t miss drinking soda.


Obsessing // I’ve been obsessed with lipstick lately. Like for real obsessed. My new favorites are from the Selena Collection with MAC Cosmetics. I really can’t wait to share about these. Stay tuned…

Planning // I have some exciting things in the works, let’s just say they don’t include running. I do, however, have a few races planned, and I haven’t run a single mile since February. *slow blinks* And you know what? I have no regrets.

So tell me…what’s currently going on in your world?

Photo: Solange courtesy of  Instagram | Photo: Sebastian Kole courtesy of Instagram


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