I’m super excited, because today is the the kick-off to my birthday festivities!!! I really don’t need anything for my birthday, but I do have a few things that I wouldn’t mind having! My Sister asked me yesterday what I wanted. I’m not going to tell you what I told her. LOL Hey…can’t blame a girl for trying! I have an idea of one of the gifts I will be getting. I can’t wait to go pick it out!

Everyone knows I’m a HUGE Sanrio fan, especially HELLO KITTY!!! Spottie Dottie, Little Twin Stars, Keroppi, My Melody…you name it! I’ve been a fanatic since 3rd grade. Remember those little boxes from back in the 1980’s, early 90’s? Yeah…I had one of those! Every little girl in the classroom had them on their desk (like the one below). They held pencils, erasers, paper clips, everything! I had a white/clear Hello Kitty box with four, color-blocked squares with her in them. Totally Vintage now!

vintage box

I’ve had my eye on this one particular handbag. It’s available in quite a few colors so now it’s deciding which color I want! One of my girlfriends, who is also an April Baby, sent me a picture of one that she wants she found in Atlanta — in yellow! You can see it here. The black is really cute too and it actually matches my Hello Kitty wallet my sweet nephew, Winston, bought me for Christmas. Here is a handbag in one of the fun colors!



 Maybe my wish will come true!!!







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Happy December!!! Well…let me tell you first. I went to try the McDonald’s McRib sammich today and it was GONE!!!!!!!!!! I was kinda sad because I finally hyped myself up to try it for the first time and they stopped selling them yesterday *sad face*. I know some of y’all are saying “sad face for what?” I kept hearing mixed reviews about […]

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I went to my Mom’s house this past weekend to pick up a few items and I decided to go into the downstairs closet to take a look. It’s always overflowing with tons of clothes. Most of the clothes are from when my Sis and I were growing up and a lot of throwback stuff that we […]

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I will never forget growing up and listening to all kinds of good music Saturday mornings as my Mom did her house cleaning. Vesta Williams, one of the greatest, was one of those artists in heavy rotation in the stack of vinyl records. A true Diva by definition with a voice so powerful, who started illuminating the […]

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Hello to all of my Happy Thrifters and Vintage Lovers! I wanted to share with you my most recent thrift store haul experience, but first let me share the inspiration behind my love for fashion, vintage, and thrifting! My Mom, the force behind it all, has taught me so much! The things she finds for a little of nothing amazes me to […]

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