From wings, dips, cheesy goodness, and party snacks! Here are a few of my favorite appetizers, snacks, and recipes that can be enjoyed anytime! 

I miss my family, friends, entertaining and all of that fun stuff, but I also realize we have to make the most of where we are right now. There’s nothing like creating an atmosphere for entertaining in your own home—even if it means having a movie night watch party or watching your favorite sports game with friends over Zoom! Can’t forget good food, appetizers, and snacks!

Before we get started, let’s have refreshments! Try this refreshingly, delicious Strawberry + Cilantro Mocktail

Strawberry + Cilantro Mocktail - My Pretty Brown Fit + Eats

It’s your space and there are no rules! HB & I were jokingly talking about all of the foods we were able to (re)create during this “panoramic”. Y’all…I even made a Homemade Mexican Pizza! It definitely keeps the FOMOS from creeping in. Because guess what? One day we will get back to in-person football games, we will get to entertain with family and friends, and we will get to enjoy outside BBQs filled with laughter! Just hang on…

Speaking of BBQs…before I get to a few of my favorite appetizers and snacks, don’t forget to circle back around and check out these BBQ Ribs with Blue Cheese Infused Hickory BBQ Sauce!

BBQ Ribs with Hickory BBQ Sauce - My Pretty Brown Eats

We don’t have to wait for all of those things to take place to eat good food and enjoy life! I decided to put together a few of my favorite appetizers, snacks, and recipes that you can make at home. They can also (and SHOULD—shameless plug) be revisited once the “panoramic” is over…and when we’re at a place of normalcy!

There’s something for everyone including my plant-based movers and shakers, vegan lovers, vegetarians, and pescatarians. From wings, dips, cheesy goodness, and party snacks—these delicious foods can be enjoyed anytime! 

Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings 

I love chicken wings from local spots, buuuuuuut making them in the air fryer taste SO MUCH BETTER—and with less calories and fat than traditional frying. They will taste made-to-order fresh—Every. Single.Time! Find out how I prepare Crispy Air Fried Chicken Wings + my take on two of my favorite wing flavors: Lemon Pepper Wet + Hot Lemon Pepper. [RECIPE HERE]

Chipotle Shrimp Taco Bites 

You thought the Choco Taco was interestingly fun! Here’s another fun twist to the traditional taco! Wonton cups filled with delectable chipotle shrimp, avocado, and flavor with every bite! You can even try filling them with my Chunky “Tableside” Guacamole. They are absolutely adorable and delicious! [RECIPE HERE]

Chorizo Queso Dip 

Chorizo Queso Dip is the perfect appetizer for celebrating the weekend, game day festivities, or entertaining! It’s so creamy, delicious, and topped with fresh, chopped green onions—and served with tortilla chips! You will be returning for seconds! [RECIPE HERE]

Garlic and Goat Cheese Bites 

No one left behind! Vegetarians unite! These delicious Garlic and Goat Cheese Yogurt Bites can be enjoyed as an appetizer or a snack! A creamy yogurt goat cheese blend with parmesan, olives and the perfect, flavorful crunch! [RECIPE HERE]

Baked Parsnip Chips 

These Baked Parsnip Chips are perfect for my Plant People. They are baked to the perfect crisp, guilt-free, healthy, and delicious! They are such a fun snack and will have you coming back for more! Move over L-to-the-AYsss! [RECIPE HERE]


This is one of my all-time favorite dips: Hot Crab, Spinach, and Artichoke Dip! It’s made with delicious lump crab and it’s so creamy and delicious! It’s SO good, y’all! I promise you will be going back for seconds (and thirds)! You may even dream about it in your sleep. [RECIPE HERE] 

Oh…and if you love this dip, check out my Hot Crab Spinach Puffs! Also, if you’re vegan/vegetarian, you can check out these Crispy Crabless Cakes with Avocado Dill Sauce

Frank’s RedHot Wings

I’m throwing these in the mix because someone may want something easy and quick! Y’all know how much I love a quick meal…annnnnd how much I love Frank’s hot sauces. Now you can have Frank’s RedHot on Wings?! = WINNING! They are the perfect way to celebrate your game day festivities, because they are so easy to prepare, delicious—and let’s be honest, wings are perfect for ANY occasion! You can bake these in the oven or toss them in the air-fryer…and BAM! [READ MORE HERE]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheese Pie Shooters

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Shooters

You know I couldn’t forget dessert! When the best of both worlds collide, you get Chocolate Peanut Butter and Cheese Pie! These unbelievably delicious no-bake shooters are Oh. So. Creamy. and the perfect single-serving to leave your taste buds satisfied! [RECIPE HERE]

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